Pure Japanese Organic Cotton


R 30.00

Product Description

This cotton by Cotton Labo Japan is 100% pure, 100% organic, and 100% natural. Cotton Labo Organic Cotton is the absolute best cotton for RBAs and RDAs due to its superb capillary functions and retention of even the thickest E-liquids. With minimal manipulation to the original material, zero bleaching/dye processing, no pesticides, and no additional agricultural chemicals this cotton brings out the truest flavors of your favorite E-liquid from the very first hit. With this cotton you will be able to taste a variety of notes and nuance in your favorite E-liquid that you’ve barely noticed before. This wicking material will truly ensure that you stay well and vape well.

Package Contents

  • 5 sheets of 5 x 6 cm Cotton Labo Pure Organic Cotton